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You all know I rarely (if ever) do website reviews, and that I have toned down my sponsored and c/o items considerably. But every once in a while, there’s a company that I love who reaches out to me for reviews and I just cannot resist. eShakti is one of those companies. Right now, they are offering all of my readers a $35 off coupon that I sure as heck would take advantage of if I were you!

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Currently, I own two eShakti dresses; one that was sent to me to review, tailored exactly to my measurements, and which I fell in love with immediately, and another that I thrifted at Goodwill and thought “why would anyone ever get rid of this dress?” Because honestly, out of any more retro-themed clothing sites, I think eShakti offers the highest quality for a relatively affordable price. Plus, they have so many options to tailor items specifically to you, including adding length or taking it away, adding pockets (who doesn’t want pockets?) altering sleeve lengths and necklines, and they offer standard sizes 0 to 36W; of any site I’d ever splurge on, eShakti is my number one. I love other sitesĀ  too, but eShakti has the best quality, size range, and variety of any of them.

eShakti dresses To me, they are more worth spending money on than many other sites, because I’m never having to guess whether a garment will be long enough, will fit me, will be as good quality as it looks online; the guesswork is gone, and it takes away a lot of online shopping stress for me! Due to my 15″ waist-to-hip ratio and the fact that most things that fit my boobs don’t fit my hips (and vice versa), I used to hate buying things online. And still do, unless it’s from eShakti.

Excitingly, they have added shorts and pants to their lines! I had the opportunity to review a pair, but being pregnant I couldn’t accept — though I would have because having a perfectly tailored pair of pants or shorts is every woman’s dream, isn’t it? eShakti pants and Shorts
Their pants/shorts lines offer some of the most varied and fun types of garments I’ve ever seen — they have everything from culottes to jumpsuits to capris to bermuda shorts, and everything in between. I particularly want this culotte jumpsuit because it looks like a dress but then hey! I could still climb trees in it. And, since they offer these garments in custom sizing only, you’re pretty much guaranteed a perfect fit no matter what you get. I absolutely love the fact that they’re offering these things in custom sizing only; I don’t know of any woman who doesn’t constantly lament how hard it is to find pants that fit right, and as a girl with a small waist and wide hips, having a company tailor bottoms perfectly to me is a dream come true.

The one thing I am hoping for is that they will eventually add jeans to the line of pants available; finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is the holy grail of a woman’s closet, and I have yet to find a company who offers great jeans customized to your measurements. It would be amazing if they did!

They’ve also added pretty, breezy, bohemian-style garments to their lines, which is so perfect for summer, or for those of you who wanted something tailored but aren’t into the retro aesthetic as much!

Boho Collage

I am currently head over heels in love with that first dress. The cut, the colors, the print; everything about it is to die for and you may or may not be seeing it on my body soon. What I really love about the bohemian line is that as a pregnant woman, a lot of the shapes and cuts of the dresses would work really well over a pregnant belly, and could easily translate as non-maternity dresses later. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I am searching desperately for more things that work with the belly that aren’t strictly maternity, and this line provides just the thing. Plus, they have that 70’s vibe that I tend to fall for in the summer.

And lastly, they’ve streamlined the look of the site to be much cleaner, added more options as to how you can find what you’re looking for, and just keep getting better at what they do.

Overall, I cannot express my love for eShakti enough. I’m thrilled that they are opening up their clothing lines to include more and more garments, and they remain my number one site to check any time I want to spend on a really well-made, unique, and utterly wearable dress (or, when I’m not pregnant, pants, because why would I not get customized pants?). They make it so easy to search for exactly what you want and to customize the garment you want exactly how you’d like it. And, even if you choose to get a standard size instead of a customized one, it’s still going to fit pretty darn good, and their consistent quality has yet to be beat by any other online store in my opinion.

Also, the variety of patterns they offer is… well, you know me and my love for anything patterned. I am literally sitting here scrolling through and exclaiming “oh! I want that one!” in the multiples.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Go forth, shop, and be merry!


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This post is sponsored by eShakti, but all opinions herein are my own honest opinions on what they have to offer and yes, I really do love eShakti that much. So should you.



  • skye

    Okay, I miiiiight be persuaded to start wearing pants if I could get perfectly tailored ones. A big part of the reason I’m not comfortable in them is that off-the-rack ones never flatter my measurements, basically ever. But I have been loving the idea of cute retro capris lately, especially polka-dotted or plaid.


    • Eccentric Owl

      I know! They have plaid capris that look retro and I NEED A PAIR. But I’m too pregnant right now, so after the baby is born I am getting me a pair of perfectly fitted pants because I need them.

  • JennyOH

    I have so many of their dresses (SO MANY) and love just about every one. I haven’t gotten anything tailored/customized yet but there’s a seersucker dress right now that I want to try tweaking. I think eShakti’s biggest strength is for people who like vintage clothing but can’t wear it/find it for whatever reason. For me, I have a hard time finding plus size pieces that are in good shape, in my size, in a style/color/pattern that suits me, in a style that works with my life, etc.