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Fierce Love

Fierce Love | Fierce Love |

Can you feel my love through the camera? Because it is there, this fierce love, for the darkness of your lashes and the dimples in your cheeks. I need to capture every moment of you, my darling child; the way your fingers move and explore; the shine in your eyes as you look at me; the top of your head and its soft hair; the roundness of your face with its baby cheeks; the pucker of your lips as you think.

Fierce Love | www.eccentricowl.comFierce Love |

You are beautiful. I would stay in this moment forever, mundane as it is with grapes and hotdogs and cheese; you, testing each piece of food with your fingers before eagerly gobbling it up. You, catching my eye and making a face to hear me laugh. You, smiling because you love me and I love you even more.

Fierce Love | Fierce Love |

Change is coming and I cannot even fathom how much this love will grow, but for now it wells up so quickly I cannot stop the tears in my eyes as I watch you, adore you, memorize you. I will never stop being your mother; I will never stop loving you so fiercely that sometimes it hurts.

Fierce Love |

You are mine. And you are beautiful.

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