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Evie Rose: One Month Old

Evie Rose: One Month Old | Evie Rose: One Month Old |

I have so many posts backlogged right now – a lifestyle newborn photoshoot of us taken by my niece, several outfits styled from Etsy garments, a couple outfits I wore in everyday life, a new sponsorship, newborn pictures of Evie (and some with Asa) I want to share – but today Evie is an entire month old (can you believe it? I can’t!) and since I never did the month-to-month thing with Asa in photos, I thought I’d better keep track with her!

In this past month I feel like she has changed so much! Her features are becoming more defined and she is becoming such a delicate looking baby with killer long eyelashes. Much like Asa, she only ever cries when she’s hungry, or occasionally when she’s tired, and otherwise is such a content baby. She’s very alert and awake during the day when she IS awake (which is quite often, actually), and sleeps well at night, only waking up and staying awake long enough to eat. She is just starting to recognize voices, and smiles most often at Asa. Which figures, seeing as how she is definitely his favorite person in our family right now.

She seems to be growing long very fast, and only in the last week has gained enough weight to put a roll or two in her thighs. Length wise, she’s just about long enough for 3 month sized clothing, but we’re still waiting for her to chub up more. 😉

Evie Rose: One Month Old |

Motherhood-of-two-kids wise, it continues to be easier than I had imagined it would be, and the baby blues that I was experiencing are completely gone! So now, I am just soaking up as much of her newborn-baby-ness as I can, and taking what time I have when she doesn’t insist on napping on me (which happens most often) to play with Asa and watch him grow into a little boy.

Life with this girl is good.

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