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Lately, with Halloween bringing out all of the “costume” clothing in thrift stores, I have had a lot of luck with finding gorgeous vintage pieces. And since there are way too many pretty things to make outfit posts of them all, I thought instead I’d share a shop update! Some of these things have sold, some of them need minor repairs (like seams that need to be re-sewn) and aren’t up yet. But most of them are things I’ve just gotten listed, and I adore them all.

Owl and the Boy Vintage  Owl and the Boy Vintage

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I feel like I’ve gotten a great collection going of things for so many different aesthetics and sizes, and it really excites me! I have a plus size section, which is particularly pleasing to me as it’s so hard to find vintage above a 28″ waist. I’m excited to offer ALL sizes, not just tiny ones. 😉

And I very nearly kept that polka dot dress up there, but… in the end, it doesn’t quite fit my new closet requirements (you know, the five words — elegant, quirky, feminine, retro/vintage, practical — it is not practical. And not that I’m always going to discount stuff because it isn’t practical, but that dress isn’t quite wearable enough in my own life to keep and also my husband isn’t fond of it which nixes it for date nights.)

Owl and the Boy Vintage Owl and the Boy Vintage

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 (not yet listed)

My darling friend Sarah, who sadly just went off to Korea to teach (sadly for me, because I will miss her!), had a lot of fun modeling things that didn’t fit me. Isn’t that black sequin dress divine? It’s seriously SO SPARKLY in person and I cannot get over the gorgeous back! It’s one of those dresses that I thought was slightly outrageous until she put it on, and then it transformed into a gloriously elegant dress. I could see someone wearing this to an opera.

People still go to operas, right? I hope so.

I have so much more to list that I haven’t even photographed, and  I’m excited to share all of that with you, too! So keep an eye on the shop, and if there’s something that particularly catches your eye, use the code OWLREADER for 15% off until the end of the year!

Also, if ever you are looking for a particular item, let me know. I have a fondness for being a personal shopper, and love to keep a sharp eye for specific people when I’m out vintage hunting!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Happy Thursday!


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    • The Owl

      Great style has no size, seriously! And there are a few things I think I forgot to put in my plus section, so be sure to poke around everywhere! I know for sure at least two skirts should be in the plus size section! Being a woman with curvy hips, I know the struggle of not being able to find vintage to fit and I want my shop to have something for every size! <3

    • Eccentric Owl

      Weird, I thought I replied to this! But yes! I love adding every size to my shop; fashion shouldn’t just be for one size! And, being a girl of considerable hip measurements myself, I really want to offer something for everyone because I know how hard it is to find cute vintage in a larger size!