New PINCHme Samples

New PinchMe Samples

Just a quick note to let you guys know that new PINCHme samples will go live tomorrow at 12pm EST! PINCHme kindly sent me another box of the samples that will be available this month, and you can bet that I am currently snacking on those chips right now because… yum.

Wondering what PINCHme is? Well, you can read my original post here to find out! Want to sign up (for free!) and start snapping up some free samples? Use this link!

One thing I didn’t mention (because I didn’t know it at the time) in that previous post: it can take up to 5 weeks for you to receive your samples. Personally, I am not bothered by the wait time for something that is free and is being shipped with no charge to my house, but if you’re wanting to try it out, just be aware!

I am particularly impressed by the skincare sample that came – I got the same thing in the last box, and it was enough to last me over a week, which I feel like is a really great amount for something like that. I have pretty sensitive skin, but it doesn’t always protest about things until I’ve used them a couple times, so I need a sample that will work for more than just one use.

Anyway! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit!

Happy PINCHing!


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