Shaped by Style

Secret Santa Time!

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This month, the girls of Shaped by Style decided to do a Secret Santa swap! If you’ve never done Secret Santa (WHY???) and don’t know what it is, the rules are simple: one, set a dollar limit; two, draw a name; three, send that person a gift! Lyndsey got my name, and I am blown away by how much she sent given our very, very low budget! In her gift was this gorgeous turquoise infinity scarf (that she made, guys!) that I’ll be wearing soon; four pairs of earrings (eee!), an adorable scarecrow pin that will be PERFECT for fall, and (my favorite thing) this darling hat for Evie. Also, not pictured, an offer to do a blog makeover that I am definitely going to take advantage of!

Lyndsey, you are the sweetest and I love everything you sent! It makes me wish I could have gotten crafty for MY person (who hopefully gets her gift by Christmas!) because I am so impressed by your talents! Merry, Merry Christmas! And I think Evie very accurately expresses how I feel about all this:




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