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Evie Rose: Five Months

Evie Rose: Five  Months |    Evie Rose: Five  Months | www.eccentricowl.comEvie Rose: Five  Months |

I’m a little late with Evie’s five month photos, but OH MY GOSH SHE IS FIVE MONTHS OLD WHAAT. I feel like every month is going faster and faster as she gets more interactive and more interested in things (like the sparkly shoes on her feet.)

This month she started rolling over, finally, and her feet grew big enough to wear aforementioned pretty shoes. She loves it when Asa bounces, or when I bounce her, and when she’s really, really tired she will laugh at basically anything.

Evie Rose: Five  Months |   Evie Rose: Five  Months | www.eccentricowl.comEvie Rose: Five  Months |

She is still majorly a thumb-sucker, but it has yet to help her sleep through the night. Although the doctor said at her last checkup that she “certainly has the reserves to sleep through the night” and we should start sleep training, she still refuses to go back to sleep without nursing. Even after having daddy rock her.  But, I don’t mind the cuddles. They’re only little for a short time!

Evie Rose: Five  Months | www.eccentricowl.comEvie Rose: Five  Months |

As you can see, her smiles (and thighs) are just scrumptious and irresistible. Those cheeks get lots of kisses.

She is my Sunshine Buddha baby 2.0. (Asa was the first one. Especially here.)


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  • Jessy

    I’ve heard from multiple sources that night weaning shouldn’t happen before ten months at the earliest as they are not developmentally ready. Sounds like your clever Evie Rose knows this herself and you are brilliantly listening to her, but remember that even professional doctors don’t always hold the only possible opinion, you can do additional research &/or get other opinions of you’re not certain about something s/he tells you. Also, babies go through spurts. My first was born really tiny (10th percentile) but was 90th percentile on breastmilk alone (& fed on demand) by 6 months. They need that chubby stage! (She’s smallish but not tiny for her age now (9 1/2), so things do change!)

    • Eccentric Owl

      Yeah, I usually take what the Dr. says with a grain of salt, and ultimately listen to what the BABY wants/needs. Asa was done with night feeding by around 8 months, but we let him wean himself from that and only did minimal “training” — which was just us making sure not to jump up just because we heard him move.

      I really don’t want to stop night feeding yet, anyway! I can’t imagine weaning her this young; it seems too young to me.