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I have been wanting to start doing videos for a while, on YouTube. But I wasn’t quite sure what about; I’ve been asked to do tutorials, writing videos, fashion videos, etc… but none of it really stuck with me.

Today, I decided to take some video of Asa doing a simple, mundane thing… and realized this is what I was looking for. So if you’re itching to see more of my life behind the outfits, subscribe on YouTube! I will likely share the videos here as well, but on a more sporadic basis.

And, I liked doing that one so much, I may or may not have made two more. One isn’t up yet, but I felt Evie needed a fair chance at some video exposure too, so she got her own little video:

I am really excited to finally have found a way that feels right to me for sharing more of motherhood. Photos work, yes, but I am not sure how into lifestyle photography I am at the moment. Video, though? I love it. I love the ability it gives me to capture my kids as more than just still life. I will probably still upload the occasional tutorial, the makeup through the ages videos, and maybe vlogs, but I am really obsessed with taking lifestyle video right now.

So, I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit, but for now… enjoy!


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  • Mom

    Morning was my favorite! I still remember those days when Asa would come into my room and say hi! herro! He’s such a happy one in the mornings! I miss it!