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Evie Rose: Seven Months

Evie Rose: Seven Months |

Somehow, I neglected to share her six month photos. Probably because I tried twice and didn’t really like them either time, but… I did make a video, which you can watch here!

And now, she’s seven months old. She has officially tipped the scale towards one, and I am so not ready for it!Evie Rose: Seven Months |

This pretty girl is such a personality. She is a sunshine baby,  but a very quiet one until suddenly, she wants something. And then EVERYONE knows it. I’m always surprised by how loud she can get; one minute she’s minding her own business, the next she’s yelling because a toy is too far away. She makes me laugh!Evie Rose: Seven Months | Evie Rose: Seven Months |

She is a very social baby, and always checks peoples’ eyes first. She will smile and smile and lean towards whomever is talking to her, but ultimately she’s a mama’s girl. She’s starting to get to the age where she isn’t too happy if she can’t see me while with strangers, and I love it.

Evie Rose: Seven Months | Evie Rose: Seven Months |

Other than carrots, she has yet to eat any solid food regularly and much prefers to breastfeed. We can’t really get her to take a bottle yet, but that’s okay. I didn’t get to breastfeed Asa as long as I would have liked, so I am cherishing this time of connection. I know it will be over all too soon!

Today Evie is taking my place in All Dress April, since I didn’t get shots of my outfit on Monday; I hope you’re all having a great week, and happy Thursday!


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