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Well, my blog-every-day and wear-a-dress-or-skirt-every-day roll ended real fast at the appearance of a very emotional event — for Evie, anyway. Teething hit my sunshine baby hard and sudden. After the relatively mild entrance of three teeth, her gums decided to put up a fight and we’ve so far had three solid days of nonstop drool, crying, mild fever, and very, very swollen gums. It looks to me like she’s getting about five teeth at once; not only is her second upper front tooth struggling to appear, but at least four other spots in her gums are swelling.

No wonder she’s refused to let me put her down for more than five minutes, and insists on sleeping on top of me! Today is the first day — aside from Sunday — that I’ve been able to get dressed and take quick pictures. Thanks to Daniel Tiger, a bouncy seat, and some fun toys, she stayed content while I did bare-minimum makeup and took these photos, only to grace me with an overfull diaper when I came back inside.

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A diaper whose contents, I might add, leaked onto the seat she was in, the couch, up her back, and onto my skirt. Suffice it to say, nobody is wearing clothes today and we’re probably going to watch cartoons/Netflix/YouTube all day.

Early Summer | Early Summer | www.eccentricowl.comEarly Summer |

Skirt, scarf, and shoes, thrifted | shirt (old) Target

I hope you are all having a better start to your week than I am! Honestly guys, I love cuddles from my baby but teething sucks. My house is a mess, nobody has worn clothes, and I didn’t even get to wash off Sunday’s makeup until this morning because Evie needed me to go straight to bed with her. Which never, ever happens! Plus, it’s been pretty hot the last two days so that adds to her misery.

Let’s hope this teething thing is over with quick. For both our sakes.


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