An Authentic 1920’s Makeup Look

Edits-15Happy New Year! As I’m sure you’ve seen all over the internet, ringing in the 2020’s by doing a 1920’s makeup look has been really popular. And I’m totally here to join the trend, because it’s fun! While I didn’t plan this makeup look at all I do love the way it turned out and I think it’s much closer to what I’ve always wanted to achieve in past years when I’ve done 20’s looks.

This year, my goals so far as creating content and social media are a little more solid. I never made myself a schedule last year, so my content creation went from gung-ho twice or three times a week, to once a week, to… once a month? I didn’t quite have an idea of how I wanted my posting to go. Between YouTube and blogging, there was a lack of communication with myself and my expectations were all over the place.

So, I have set myself some deadlines. Not to torture myself into constant content, but to have something to look forward to and reach for every week. Here on the blog, I’d like to post twice – one standalone post on Mondays, and one that accompanies a YouTube video. And for YouTube, I want to post every Thursday. This way, I’ve got a good roll of content, but I really only have to film and do photos once a week!

I hope you all had a safe and happy time celebrating 2020 – I’d love to know what your creative goals are this year!


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