Five NO HEAT vintage hairstyles for long hair

Happy Monday! If I can get my posts all done it’ll be a double post day. From this week until Valentine’s day, I’ll be trying to film two videos a week to post, because there’s just not enough Thursdays to share all the things I have planned! This first video isn’t strictly Valentine related, but rather: five no-heat vintage hairstyles for long hair! I have struggled a lot with trying to style my hair as it gets longer, and especially to wear hats. So this past week I tried to wear a hat every day, and at the end of it I filmed all five hairstyles I tried.

I’d love to know which is your favorite!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to watch more vintage content. I have really been enjoying sharing more of my vintage love with the world through video format. I’ll be sharing a Valentine’s day makeup look Thursday! And if you’re looking for some vintage style inspiration, I’ll be sharing a lookbook as well! Have a peek at my favorite Valentine look from last year! Not quite an outfit, but cute nonetheless.

five no heat vintage hairstyles for long hair