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Vintage Snow White Disneybounding OutfitThis past week, I chopped off my hair.

It spurred a whole new set of inspiration for getting dressed, including a vintage Snow White look! Besides the hat, all of the pieces in this outfit are relatively new. I bought the dress off of eBay a month or two ago and was happy to find that it had been slightly mis-measured and was about 2″ bigger all around than the listing said! Though it’s not a great thing if garments are mis-measured, and it’s still something I include in my reviews, I’m happy it worked in my favor this time!

I purchased the necklace specifically with the Beauty and the Beast photoshoot in mind – but also bought because it’s genuinely gorgeous! The shoes, as well, were purchased with another project in mind but worked so well here I couldn’t resist wearing them! And, these perfectly pale pink We Love Colors tights are a new acquisition in collaboration with the company. We Love Colors is a company whose tights I’ve always loved. Their new blend of Plus Size tights is far improved over the old blend, which could be saggy and fall down. These do not have that problem at all!
1940's hairstyle with a vintage hat  Similar dress || Similar hat || similar necklace || purse || shoes || tights

Red lolita style shoes and pastel pink tightsVintage Snow White outfit

I am now 23 weeks pregnant

As I get further along in this pregnancy, it’s been a little bit harder to feel inspired to get dressed. This will be the last time I can wear this particular dress until I have the baby, and I’ve been on a big search to find vintage dresses that still make me feel good. But, I also want to be conscious about curating my closet. Keeping dresses that both fit while pregnant and will work while breastfeeding is important. As is being a little more minimal about what I wear.

Since we have moved, our closet space has shrunk immensely. We have a big closet for shelved items, but not much hanging space. It’s made me think twice about hoarding each and every dress I’ve ever come across – and that’s a good thing! Pursuing vintage selling as an actual part time job this year has also helped. Every time I look in my closet I think – do I love this? Can it be worn multiple ways? Can I breastfeed in it? Would it be better to be sold?

Details of a vintage navy dress and red bow heelsVintage Snow White outfit1930's celluloid rose necklace1940's hairstyle with a vintage hat By this code, I'm slowly paring down my closet.

But this dress will stay. Not only is it great for a vintage Snow White Disneybound, but it's just a great overall classic dress. From the button up front to the bow adornment to the full skirt, it hits every mark one could ask for in a vintage dress. IT will be easy to remix through all of the seasons. And Navy is such a classic color! I can't wait to wear it more post-baby, and find many, many ways to style it!

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