38 Weeks Pregnant

Karina Dresses Margaret DressIt’s nearing the end of this pregnancy. I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and as one might expect at this point I don’t get dressed much any more. I don’t do anything much any  more. But, today I couldn’t help but take advantage of how beautiful our fields and barn are, and this lovely Karina Dresses Margaret dress that I picked up on sale was the perfect dress to wander the flowers in!

Dress, Karina Dresses | shoes, BAIT Footwear (similar) | Earrings, Vintage (similar

Maternity photos relaxed in nature

relaxed nature maternity photos I’ve been really motivated to take photos lately… but finding the motivation to actually post them in a blog post is lost. I’m not sure why; whether it’s just taking the time to sit and type something, or not having much to say alongside the photos, or feeling like what I do have to say isn’t that helpful… I don’t know. But I want to get over that because I miss posting real blog posts. Instagram is fun and easy to do, but there’s just something about sharing a set of photos in a post that is so much more fulfilling.

Even if blogging has faded as a popular thing to do.

Karina Dresses Margaret dress in WinePhoto of wildflowersSelf portrait in natural field I bought this Margaret Dress from Karina Dresses sale section a few weeks ago, because the cut and the color are just so stunning, and I know I will wear it a lot with a new baby. Karina Dresses are by far my favorite breastfeeding-friendly dress (and maternity dress to be honest!) and y’all may know if you’ve been around long enough that I’ve worked with them a lot. They never fail to be well made, easy to wear, comfortable… and pretty!

This isn’t an ad, I paid for this with my own money – I just really love them. I ended up purchasing a second Margaret dress in another colorway because this cut is my absolute favorite of all the Karina Dresses I’ve had! Do you have a favorite Karina Dress? Have you taken the plunge yet? I love that they’re constantly designing new cuts for different shapes – and have recently added pockets to a lot of their designs!

Karina Dresses Margaret dress in WineBAIT footwear sandalsMaternity photoshoot in nature Dress, Karina Dresses | shoes, BAIT Footwear (similar) | Earrings, Vintage (similar

PS, also not an ad but Karina Dresses is having a 30% off summer sale so… good time to snag a dress!

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