That 70’s Feeling

Karina Dresses Fall 2020 You might have noticed that lately I’ve been really feeling the 70’s. So when Karina Dresses reached out to have me shoot some photos of the Megan Jelly Bean Dress for their fall 2020 collection, my brain went straight to… well, making it 70’s retro! I think this print is pretty timeless; it can read modern or vintage depending on the styling.

It’s no secret that I really love Karina Dresses. I have worked with them several times, and have also bought myself a few prints I adored. They really are THE perfect go-to daily dress for a busy mom, a breastfeeding mom, a pregnant mom… basically, my top recommendation for moms. I know the price can be a little daunting, but they often have sales and it’s totally worth it. You’re supporting a woman-owned, USA made, inclusive, carefully and thoughtfully sourced and designed brand whose focus is to create jobs in their community. I think that’s 100% worth the money!

And that’s coming from someone who still mainly thrifts her wardrobe!

Karina Dresses Fall 2020 Dress c/o Karina Dresses here | Wig, Amazon | Beret, Amazon | Boots, Breckelles (old) | Tights, We Love Colors | Brooch, vintage

Karina Dresses Fall 2020Karina Dresses Fall 2020 The Jelly Bean print is a fun, colorful take on fall, with dark red, orange, white, teal, and greenish-yellow “jellybeans” all over. On a background of dark brown, it’s got so much styling potential! I actually have been thinking about creating a Karina Dresses lookbook – I own enough to make it a thing, and think it could be fun to show how versatile and wearable Karina Dresses are.

Karina Dresses Fall 2020Karina Dresses Fall 2020Karina Dresses Fall 2020 In other news, fall has begun to hit here in our tiny little town. But with it has come some unfortunate wildfires. The past week has been stressful; fires have been as close as 10 miles away, and the air quality is horrible. Despite wanting to enjoy the slightly cooler weather, we’ve been forced to stay inside until the air clears up. Thankfully the fires around us have been contained! But not without some destruction. People have been forced to evacuate their homes, a few houses have burned down, barns have been destroyed. I don’t think Washington has had this many fires in years.

Today, the air is looking almost orange. It’s surreal, seeing my usually green surroundings turn yellow and hazy. I hope wherever you are, you’re safe.

Karina Dresses Fall 2020

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