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    Body Image

    Well, hello there! I apologize for the lack of a Monday and Tuesday post; as I mentioned in my Friday Links post, we went camping last weekend and thus there were no outfit pictures for Monday, and then Monday was Mr. Owl and my 7-month anniversary, so we didn’t take any pictures on that day, either. But yesterday I decided it was a good day to take pictures because I wore the above shorts, and since shorts aren’t the most flattering on me, I figured these are good pictures to talk about two subjects that tend to get a lot of reaction (not bad, just reactions) from people wherever you…

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    Change of Life

    Most people who hear that I’ve quit eating sugar and am planning to change out my white flours for whole wheat flour say “Oh, you’re dieting?” or “I need to go on a diet again…” But changing the way I eat isn’t just a diet. It’s not some fad that I plan to go on to lose weight and then go off when I’ve gotten to the weight I’ve set as my goal. It’s not drinking Slim-fast for two meals a day or having Special K food products for every meal I eat. It’s not having salad and nothing else. It’s not something like my fad-diet Aunt would do- cease…

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