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    Happy Tuesday! I’ll be back later today with an outfit post, but this morning (I guess technically it’s afternoon now) I’m sharing something totally different because 1. I like free things, and 2. you probably like free things, too! This post was compensated with a deluxe sample box from PINCHme in return for my honest opinions. Last week I got a lovely email from Cat who asked if I would be interested in sharing PINCHme on my blog. After checking out the site, and signing in to see how it all worked, I agreed (and in return, she sent me a deluxe blogger box to share with you.) What is…

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    Thrift Haul #5: The (mostly) Home Goods Edition

    Happy Saturday! I think Saturdays might become my thrift-haul-post (or video) days, because you know… who doesn’t like a good thrifty post on the weekend? I hope you all don’t mind the makeupless, messy haired version of myself. It was between putting on makeup, and making a video, and obviously I chose the latter. But hey, I don’t really care so hopefully you don’t either! Real life, you guys. Soon I’ll have a baby-clothes-themed thrifting video because… lucky finds! I posted some things on Instagram, being the “I can’t wait to share this!” person that I am, but I’m sure by the time I get around to making a baby-themed…

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    Tidbits of Home

    Hello! First of all, while I was gone Jaclyn over at Beauty and the Binky posted a little motherhood interview featuring me, as part of her Motherhood from Every Angle series! It was so fun to participate and share the mom-life part of me more. You can see it here. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything (because actually, the last outfit photos you saw were from July 1st, which was over two weeks ago), but here we are finally settling in to our new house! Which obviously just means we finally got internet. Because we don’t have living room furniture yet, except for a Papasan chair,…

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    My cousins came over yesterday. We went out and picked bunches of the blackberry blooms, random grasses, branches from trees that had pretty leaves, ferns, one or two sprigs of honeysuckle (smells divine!), and all of the pretty weeds we could find, and put them in my room. I broke my biggest jar and cut my finger rather deeply, but it was still fun. I LOVE having flowers in my room! And thankfully, my cat does not attempt to eat them. Mara

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    My New(Old) Writing Space

    I thought I’d share with you all my new writing space. It’s equipped with a few of my favorite books, lotion in case of dry hands (not from writing. Hehe.), candles to set the mood, my apple bookends, my Ireland-or-Bust savings jar, and my favorite glass bottles (and a snack). The bunny sitting atop the books is my little writing buddy. His name  is Jarvis. I’m so excited about it! I love this desk- I’ve owned it for about six years- and I was letting my parents use it as a computer desk since they need one and I didn’t have room in my bedroom. But I rearranged a few…