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    Story Saturday: Thread of Time Chapter 2

    I missed posting last Saturday, since it was our anniversary and I forgot to schedule the post but if you haven’t already caught up on my Fiction Press account, here is chapter two of Thread of Time. Enjoy! Chapter Two: Aftershock The first thing Maeve noticed was an earthy, musty smell, like the aroma of earth that has been wetted down and filled with moss. Her eyes refused to open right away, but she could smell everything. The dirt beneath her, the water that dripped somewhere in the vicinity, the puddles that people walked through outside. Wherever she was, it smelled of stone, worn in and kissed with cold age.…

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    Story Saturday: Thread of Time

    When I started this blog in 2008, it was a place for me to write out all of my thoughts about my writing. At the time, I was working on the first novel I ever finished, an epic tale of romance set in 400AD Ireland, telling the conflicting relationship between a Saxon warlord and a Celtic clan warrior’s daughter. Because I had so many thoughts outside of writing, I needed a place to put them. And because I’ve never been good at keeping a handwritten journal, starting a blog seemed like the perfect thing to do. A few years passed of that, and then I discovered fashion blogs which morphed…