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    1960’s housedresses, flower pins, and headscarves

      If I look a bit tired in these photos, it’s because… I am. This morning I dredged my way out of bed at somewhere around 7:05, took a look at the makeup left over from yesterday (I have this bad habit of not washing my face at night), and decided that since I hadn’t taken outfit pictures in 10 days and Asa was still asleep, I didn’t care about the leftover makeup or the tiredness and I was going to just do it. And I’m glad I did, because it’s so much easier to take pictures in the morning when the sun isn’t quite blazing into the yard yet.…

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    Of hats

    If you’ve liked my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that on Saturday I got to meet my first blogger ever. It seems like most of the blogger meet ups I ever see are… not in Washington, and I tend to be pretty shy about talking about my blog to most people. So I’ve never met a fellow blogger. (Well, okay, I have a cousin and a niece who have blogs, but they’re family and that’s different.) But ever since I started up the Washington Bloggers page, I’ve realized that 1. there are so many awesome Washingtonian bloggers around, and 2. I totally need to meet…

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    This has pretty much become my default outfit now that my belly has outgrown most of my clothes and my need to get dressed is a zero (when you work from home… well, you know.) I’ll be honest: most days now, I sit in my husband’s comfortable flannel pj pants and his softest sweater until about noon, and then decide that it’s probably about time to actually wear clothes. But not complicated ones. I think this is the “jeans and a tee shirt” phase one of my friends expected me to be in. Only instead of jeans and a tee shirt, it’s leggings and a sweater. Pregnant woman’s gotta be…

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    Lazy Days

    It’s been one of those days where the only reason I had to be dressed was for Bible Study this morning, and now that that’s over, I’m back to wearing the stretchiest pants I can find. Besides, the weather has been too gloomy lately to take outfit pictures, and I haven’t edited my DIY post yet . So instead, I thought I’d just share a daily dose of baby bump with you guys. Just because. How has your day been? Happy Thursday! bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press