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    Five Tips to Improve Your Blog Photos

    Five Tips to Improve Your Blog Photos Today while editing my photos, I realized that I have improved VASTLY over the past nine years of blog photography. So I thought I would share my five tips to improve your blog photos, using my own photos as a base. The thing is, though, neither setup is a bad one. Both locations have pros and cons. Keep in mind that I’m not pitting these against each other(though I DO have a favorite): I am utilizing them to show things you can improve while taking blog photos. Also, keep in mind that while I do consider myself a professional, I am entirely self-taught…

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    Vintage Autumn Capsule Wardrobe || Day Two

    Creating an Autumn Capsule Wardrobe This past week I realized that all of the clothes I grabbed to take with me for our temporary stay at a friend’s house are semi-coordinated to create an autumn capsule wardrobe! I didn’t do this intentionally. When I packed, I was literally just grabbing colors I thought I might wear for a week or so stay. That week has turned into two, and will be at least two more. So what I have is all I have at the moment. I laid it all out on my bed, and realized… I could create an entire month of outfits from the 14 pieces I have!…