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    Evie Rose: Three Months Old

       You guys, how did this happen? How have three months passed already? This girl just gets happier and chubbier as the months go on, and I am so thankful for her! In the last month, she has gained nearly three pounds and grew a good two inches, which keeps her squarely in the 90th percentile for both her height and weight (nearly 100th for height!). She has also gained a sense of humor, and finds bouncing, being semi-startled, and my voice all to be pretty hilarious. I live for her giggles! Like a typical girl, she’s very much a social butterfly, hating to wake up alone or be in…

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    Evie Rose: Two Months Old

       This pretty girl is two months old today, and I can’t believe it! She’s starting to become a very smiley baby; as soon as she wakes up, she grins at whomever speaks first, and often even smiles at the lights, or the pictures, or whatever else catches her fancy. When she’s trying to fall asleep, she tries to suck her thumb (but often ends up poking her fingers up her nose instead. #babieshavenocoordination), and it’s the only time she really fusses other than being hungry or wet. She is just beginning to find her voice, which means lots of baby cooing (and mama cooing back. Ha!) while she’s awake,…

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    Sunday Sweets: Escape Artist

    He increasingly escapes from diaper changing time these days, with knowing how to roll away and sit himself up, and crawl backwards. We’re waiting for him to figure out forward motion, but since he knows he can sit up, he just pushes backwards until he’s on his butt, and hasn’t realized forward is a good option. Plus, he’s pulling himself up to his knees to get stuff off of the coffee table and couch now, so uh… we might have a straight-to-walking kid on our hands. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Bloglovin|Chictopia|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press  

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    Sunday Sweets

    Just a few snaps I caught the other day of this precious little boy trying out his daddy’s hat. I cannot get enough. Those cheeks! Those eyes! That dimple! *heart explodes* Happy Sunday! Bloglovin|Chictopia|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press  

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    On Those Days When You Just Can’t.

    My child has forgotten how to sleep. That photo was taken after a long fight yesterday when I felt victorious that he’d finally dropped off, only to have him wake up 15 minutes later and refuse to nap. He goes to bed at eight or nine, only to wake up at midnight, at four am, at six am, and then at 7:30am for good. And last night, he woke up at 2am. It’s been like this for two weeks now. This little chubby being, who used to take gloriously long 2 hour naps twice a day, who used to sleep from eight or nine pm until five or six  in…