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Evie Rose: Three Months Old

Evie Rose: Three Months Old |   Evie Rose: Three Months Old | Evie Rose: Three Months Old |

You guys, how did this happen? How have three months passed already? This girl just gets happier and chubbier as the months go on, and I am so thankful for her!

In the last month, she has gained nearly three pounds and grew a good two inches, which keeps her squarely in the 90th percentile for both her height and weight (nearly 100th for height!). She has also gained a sense of humor, and finds bouncing, being semi-startled, and my voice all to be pretty hilarious. I live for her giggles! Like a typical girl, she’s very much a social butterfly, hating to wake up alone or be in the car when it’s dark and she can’t see anyone. But, she doesn’t like people who smell strongly of perfume, and has the most heartbroken face and cry when someone’s just a bit too aromatic for her sensitive nose.

She likes her brother pretty well, and only ever takes issue when Asa tries to share something that ends up hitting her in the face. Otherwise, I think they will be inseparable; anytime she has floor-time, he’s right there with her laughing and talking while she watches him closely and occasionally gives him a skeptical smile. And, she may have been laughing at him the other day, but I can’t be sure.

Evie Rose: Three Months Old | www.eccentricowl.comEvie Rose: Three Months Old |
Evie Rose: Three Months Old |

We love her so much!

Happy Sunday!

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  • Kadi

    Beautiful! And 3 months? You might just have to say goodbye to the hips and tummy you’ve so graciously accepted! I’m betting they will continue to shrink! I remember losing the baby weight pretty easily, but not seeing the physical proof for such a long time – probably not until weaning a year later. But you have Asa, so I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Who knows! I have read that most women don’t start really losing baby weight until about six months (that’s when your hormones level out), but with my first I lost it all in 12 days just breastfeeding. So, we’ll see what happens this time!