• Fashion

    In which I am a very fancy pumpkin.

    In honor of today (but mostly because the lighting in my pictures was wonky) I decided to do heavier editing and give my pictures a spooky feel. Well… or something. You know, my family never celebrated Halloween. I’ve never been trick-or-treating, and the only party I ever went to dressed in costume for Halloween was an 80’s themed party. I went as a dead 80’s prom girl. It was… anticlimactic. And on the one day that I could have legitimately dressed up in some crazy costume for you guys and not have to explain myself, I decided to be normal. Because I’m a rebel like that. These may be the…

  • Life

    I would like to be a cat.

      Today is one of those days where I am really jealous of my cat, who gets to curl up on her favorite fuzzy blanket and sleep all day. I would really like to do that. I don’t want to shave my legs (tmi alert: I didn’t.), I didn’t want to take a shower (but I did), I don’t want to get dressed (but I have to), and I would really like to lounge around in my spandex workout pants all day, but alas (but not really alas, because I like my job) I have to go to work. And while I am making some semblance of an effort to…

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