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    On blogging and confidence

    A couple of years ago, I was a girl with no idea how to dress herself. I wore jeans every day that I hated on myself, shirts in long proportions that never seemed to flatter or be the right length, and sweatshirts because really, that’s just what all my friends wore and I wasn’t brave enough to break the style mold of that clique. The only time I really felt pretty was on Sundays or for special occasions when I could dress up and nobody would ask me why I looked so fancy. But then one week in December, I started following a few fashion blogs (Selective Potential, What I…

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    Body Image

    Well, hello there! I apologize for the lack of a Monday and Tuesday post; as I mentioned in my Friday Links post, we went camping last weekend and thus there were no outfit pictures for Monday, and then Monday was Mr. Owl and my 7-month anniversary, so we didn’t take any pictures on that day, either. But yesterday I decided it was a good day to take pictures because I wore the above shorts, and since shorts aren’t the most flattering on me, I figured these are good pictures to talk about two subjects that tend to get a lot of reaction (not bad, just reactions) from people wherever you…

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    The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

    I sort of match the book I’m currently reading. Is that weird? And also, is it just me, or does this angle make me look abnormally skinny? I’m not saying I think I’m fat or even chubby, or that people who are as skinny as that picture makes me look are abnormal (weirdos), but I’m not that┬áskinny. By any stretch of the imagination. I was thinking the other day about body image, how there are so many different opinions of what a perfect figure would look like, how there are so many different things about yourself that you might hate and another person would love to have. I’ve always been…

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