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DIY Chalkboard

You guys! I’ve finally done a DIY. And the only reason I actually did this is that it was REALLY easy, and also my husband did most of it. But seriously, you can make yourself a super unique and adorable chalkboard with just a few simple items (thrift stores and Walmart, yo!) for really cheap… in five steps.1

What you need: an old picture frame with the glass in it (doesn’t matter what kind of picture it is. It can even be a mirror!), rough steel wool or sandpaper, newspaper, painter’s tape, chalkboard paint, and chalk. I got all of this for under $20, and I have the resources now to make about fifty of them, given that the only thing you can’t re-use is the frame. Obviously. 2

Step one: (have your husband) scratch up the surface of the glass or mirror with your steel wool/sandpaper, till it’s good and rough, so that the paint will stick. Wash with soap and water, and dry off. 3

Step two: mask off the frame, leaving just the glass visible. Or, if you were smart and bought a frame that you can actually take the glass out of (because… I didn’t…), take out the glass and lay it on some newspapers. 4

Step three: enlist your hot husband to spray 2-3 layers of chalkboard paint in even layers (or do it yourself, if you’re not pregnant…), letting each layer dry for about 40 minutes before spraying the next. Once you’ve layered the paint to your satisfaction, let the chalkboard cure for 24 hours before doing anything else to it!5

Step four: to prevent burnt-in images from writing on it, scrub a piece of chalk all over your new chalkboard, and wipe it off. 6

Step five: step back, write something on it, and enjoy.

And done! This was the easiest project ever (and my husband did most of it anyway, haha! I promise, I did mean to do it myself but he wouldn’t let me.) I will probably only ever do DIY posts that are really, really easy, because I am not a patient person and I like to get things done as quickly as possible.

I hope you all try this and have fun with it! I found the frame for $5 at Goodwill, and the paint and all other supplies came from Walmart. It’s such a quick, cheap, sturdy way to have a uniquely framed chalkboard rather than spending $30 or more on one with a plain frame!

Happy Tuesday!



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