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    We need a Rochester. Any volunteers?

     My friend Sarah and I had a photoshoot yesterday. We took 640 pictures, and out of those… approximately 30 turned out. In the rest, we were laughing. Or making faces. But here are the good ones, for your enjoyment. (Yes, we climb trees in Vintage dresses. Because we’re cool like that.) And yes, I had fun editing these. Can you tell?       I think this one looks like a movie poster. Yes. I’m supposed to be dead. And yes, I know. I forgot to round these corners. You can see the full set of pictures on Facebook, as well as some outtakes. Because we are pretty much total spazzes. I hope…

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    Living in a dream

    “… Her own  native Heaven More clearly she mirror’d , as life’s troubled dream Wore away; and love sigh’d into rest, like a stream That breaks its heart over wild rocks toward the shore Of the great sea which hushes it up evermore With its little wild wailing.” — Owen Meredith, Lucille      I might not be able to blog tomorrow, so I thought I’d show you the beauty I found at the thrift store for a whopping $6.50. I have to say, this dress makes me want even more to live in the bygone age of corsets and gowns and masquerade evenings. Seriously. Why don’t we do that any more?…

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