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    Photography: a new site, and a much happier photographer

    So most of you know that aside from fashion blogging, I have joined up with my husband as a photography team. I’ve been testing several different options for an online porfolio that includes a blog — because, you know, blogging is my jam — and I had settled on a mediocre platform that was focused towards photography portfolios. But I really didn’t like the way it was set up, and how you had to actually edit the site every time you wanted to share a blog post. Uploading photos was complicated, inserting images into the posts was a chore, and random spaces showed up in my posts which… was pretty…

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    Outdoor maternity photoshoot: 28 weeks

    Today, I hit 28 weeks of pregnancy, and realized that it was time to do maternity photos! Of course, my self-shot photoshoots are never as good as the ones I get to do of other people, but I still love doing them. I shot Asa’s at 28 weeks as well, and it’s kind of interesting to see the differences between the two. With Asa, I wanted incredibly pared down, makeup-less, super simple, and all of the focus to be on the belly. This time around, I wanted to be flowing and ethereal and beautiful and… well, all of the focus is still on the belly. And I didn’t intentionally get…

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    Photography: Isaac and Briana

    A few shots of my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law from their engagement session today. You can pop over to my photography blog to see more! I am so, so excited to Briana to join our family; she is super sweet, perfect for my brother, and wears the same size as me so I finally have someone to steal clothes from. Haha! (Like I need more clothes.) I cannot wait to take pictures of their wedding! Happy Saturday! Bloglovin|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press|Etsy|Photography P.S. I know. She kind of looks like me, but only because we have the same coloring. There’s no need to point it out.

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    The Diggs Wedding

    I decided to launch the official Storybook Photography website today! Mainly because it was all finished up and I have a wedding shoot to share, and… really, I didn’t see any reason to wait. I’m working on figuring out what licensing I need (if any, I’ve read that if it’s more of a hobby than a fulltime job, you can just add earned income to your taxes under “other income.” And I don’t plan to make it a fulltime thing, so… photographers, help me out?) Anyway! This was our first wedding, and it was way less scary than I though it would be. The Diggs were super laid back and…

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    Photography: Ashton, Rockabilly Retro

    Well, in lieu of my daily posts, which have all but ceased as I try to utilize my husband’s photography skills and get over morning-sickness (which is getting worse and worse as we go, ugh), and by popular demand,  I wanted to start sharing my photography sessions again! I had quite a few at the end of the year last year, which was exciting, and this year I’m hoping to turn photography into an actual business (as I was mainly doing it as a hobby). This month, my husband and I are going to shoot a quick wedding, and then I’m going to do a maternity photoshoot, and I’m so…