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    Couple Style: St. Patrick’s Day

    I can’t type much today; I’ve got a sleeping baby in my arms. Which is not a bad reason. These were our St. Patrick’s day outfits for the brief time I was out of the house; we went to my parents’ for dinner, and snapped pictures next to the beautiful flowering tree in their yard. My husband is fresh from work. He called this his “lazy style” because he neglected to zip his boots and has disheveled hair. We tested taking jumping pictures, as you can see. My husband says, and I quote, “You look like a… farting fairy.” You can see how my confidence is continually boosted by this…

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    Movie Review: Jane Eyre 2011

    ¬†Before I delve into the review, let me give you a little background story. Jane Eyre has been my absolute favorite book since I was eight years old. I first read the Young Readers Digest condensed version in a green volume at my grandma’s house, where its pages were stuffed between Captain Horatio Hornblower, My Friend Flicka, and Alone. (None of which I have ever read.) I remember being instantly drawn in to the book; I remember Edward Rochester as the first and only book crush I have ever had (he is the ONLY fictional Edward worth loving in today’s culture, if I may say); I remember wanting to be…

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    I would like to be a cat.

    ¬† Today is one of those days where I am really jealous of my cat, who gets to curl up on her favorite fuzzy blanket and sleep all day. I would really like to do that. I don’t want to shave my legs (tmi alert: I didn’t.), I didn’t want to take a shower (but I did), I don’t want to get dressed (but I have to), and I would really like to lounge around in my spandex workout pants all day, but alas (but not really alas, because I like my job) I have to go to work. And while I am making some semblance of an effort to…

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    Keys, birds, and leopard print.

    I know you’re probably waiting in suspense to find out where I went this weekend, but I have some photo-editing I want to do before I tell you, and I haven’t done an outfit post in WAY too long. I miss it. I found this dress today at a little (slowly-getting-seedy) thrift store for four dollars. And as you all probably know by now (or should), I can’t resist a good twirly skirt (as evidenced by about half the pictures I took today). It’s also perfect for the weather we’re having (it was 83 degrees today! I half miss the rainy cold weather, half like the heat), because it’s light…

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    L is for Lavender

    L is for Lavender, for the Alphabet of Color challenge. I feel very French/Victorian. I think it’s the stripes and the ribbon around my neck (which I really, really love.) Okay. You might think me weird, but for some reason I really, really like the picture below. I was attempting to take a picture of my hair, but I’d forgotten to zoom the camera out, so instead it only caught my neck and the ribbon. And it just… I don’t know. I like it. Is it just me? Yeah… it probably is.