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    Basic black

      I didn’t realize, when I bought this necklace, how hard it is to pair with anything. Most of my necklines aren’t open enough to wear the necklace with. I can’t wait for summer and strapless or smaller-strapped dresses. And warmth.

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    Bridal shower style

    I hosted a bridal shower today. (I’m the maid of honor!) Click through to see the outfit and the cake that I made. (YUMMY cake. Soooo good. ┬áChocolate cake with white chocolate drizzle, topped with whipped cream and blueberries… and strawberries in the middle. I so felt like a 50’s housewife.

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    Cats are Good for the Soul.

    I am currently in the process of replying to an email I got today (ha, me replying to an email immediately is SO RARE!), and I was struck by how funny the saying “she was swept off her feet” is. Well, okay. Maybe it’s just me. But I always thought it’d be sort of odd. Some random man knocking me over with a broom while declaring his love… In case you didn’t notice, I am feeling much, much better today. I went home and petted my cat for about ten minutes. And when I say “petted,” I mean “rubbed and skritched and kissed and loved until she shed about half…