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    Sunday’s Story: The Maddest

    I started writing this last night… and couldn’t stop. The songs at the beginning are meant to accompany the story and provide it with some good background music. 😉 Enjoy! The Maddest There is death everywhere now. Bodies are gathered from alleyways and mansions alike, with no distinction of burial made between animal and human. The merciless lick of flame will devour whatever it is given. It is not biased. It does not taste the sweetness of a child, nor the gall of a murderer. It cannot smell the aroma of the perfumed lady, nor the mouldering fur of the gutter dog. It is blind and furious, and– ever greedy–…

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    I’m still absolutely exhausted from yesterday’s wedding. I don’t have a favorite Bible reading from this week… and I’m still thinking out the schedule of the blog. Mondays and Tuesdays are set, but I’m still figuring out which posts I like and what days I want them to be on. So I thought, since I have no verses to give you, that I’d share a few of my favorite songs. Unlike Caturdays, I do really like having a music post. It’s somehow different. I don’t know. I’m tired. I’m going to settle down and start reading the  book for Tuesday’s review. (Which Beth will be happy to know I’ve finally…

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