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    Mom Jeans

    This weekend, I finally decided that it was time to move out of the ever-so-comfortable maternity jeans and into real, made-for-a-woman jeans — as in, not the low-cut skinny jeans currently filling my drawers. You know, the ones that aren’t made for a girl with rather curvaceous thighs and a plentiful bum, and thus show some skin whenever you bend over or sit down? Yeah. I should probably toss those. But I love the colors. Anyway! So I went jeans shopping. And I discovered two weird things: one, Kohl’s doesn’t seem to be able to make jeans that don’t have a lot of junk on the back pockets, or jeans…

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    This has pretty much become my default outfit now that my belly has outgrown most of my clothes and my need to get dressed is a zero (when you work from home… well, you know.) I’ll be honest: most days now, I sit in my husband’s comfortable flannel pj pants and his softest sweater until about noon, and then decide that it’s probably about time to actually wear clothes. But not complicated ones. I think this is the “jeans and a tee shirt” phase one of my friends expected me to be in. Only instead of jeans and a tee shirt, it’s leggings and a sweater. Pregnant woman’s gotta be…

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    Makeup: Day and Night, with one Palette (and some lipstick)

    So the lovely people over at BA Star sent me this fun little makeup palette, and since I really miss the days when I did makeup looks, I thought I’d have some fun. I got two looks out of it, but you can definitely get more! The first is a daytime, work-friendly look, and the second is a party-time look (or a look for whenever you want some glitter in your life. Which is always. Right?) For the daytime look, I used the three non-glitter shadows to create a nice subtle smoky eye. I really love those three shadows– they’re so smooth and saturated, and only creased a teeny bit throughout the day! I’d…

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     (Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Grape Vine) (Revlon lipstick, Kiss Me Coral) (Maybelline Lipstick in Coral Crush) (Maybelline Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever) (Maybelline Lipstick in Red Revolution) I never realized how different my mood can be just by what I wear on my lips. These are my five favorite lipcolors right now(the first one looks bare, I know, but trust me… there is a tint of color there.) I thought I’d share them with you on rather than just in their tubes. Which is your favorite?