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    It’s An Old Story, But it’s Mine.

    I’ve decided to open up a little more than I generally do on the blog, and tell you about a something that might explain a little ¬†better why I am the way I am, and why I so strongly like courtship. About three years ago, I was introduced to this guy. I’ve mentioned him throughout a lot of my posts, but I’ve never actually put down the entire story. I was always afraid that he might read it and know it was him, ¬†or that someone in my family might read it and be disappointed in me. They saw us together, but I have no idea how much they know.…

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    Young Love

    On my mom’s side, my great-grandmother got married to my great-grandfather when she was seventeen. My grandma married my grandpa when she was eighteen, and my mom was the same age when she married my dad. So, as the only girl, being the huge romantic dreamer that I am, I always thought I would get married young. Somewhere around eighteen or nineteen. I always thought “Well, three generations before me have gotten married around that age, it’s gotta happen to me!” Right? Or not. And my great-grandma was on my grandpa’s side anyway, so technically… not the right generation line. Anyway. When eighteen came and went without a hint of…

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    Hello Again

    It’s been a while. A lot of things have happened since I wrote the last letter; we moved to Mississippi and back, moved to a different house, my nephew was born, I cut off all my hair. Oh, and I finished another novel, although I may never publish it. I feel as though I can finally call myself an author, now that I’ve actually finished two novels. Someday I’ll publish them; I finally felt God telling me to go ahead and really start thinking about it. And moving towards it. It all happened when I finally said goodbye to hopes of a continued friendship with a guy who, honestly, I…