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    Three Years

    Since this day: We’ve had two kids We’ve lived in four different houses We’ve owned three cars We’ve lived with my parents We’ve both worked for income We’ve learned how to survive on just one paycheck We’ve explored a pretty good part of Washington We’ve visited the Goonies house We’ve been to Hawaii We’ve gone through the deaths of two beloved family members We’ve had plenty We’ve been very poor We’ve seen the Middle Earth franchise come to an end (and it was sad) We’ve learned to communicate better We’ve learned to budget better We’ve learned to love more We’ve learned to rely on God more And I’ve learned that…

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    28 Things I Love About You

    Today is your 28th birthday. And I don’t even know what to say. Or, correction, I don’t really know where to start. I have so many things bubbling up in my heart that itch to express through the tips of my fingers and into this post, but it’s such a chaotic mass of mush that I can’t extract coherent paragraphs. So instead, I thought I’d make a list of the 28 reasons I love you. And believe me, there are a lot more reasons than what I write down, but these are the things that come to mind first. You complete me. Where I am emotional, you are logical. When…

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    Two (or three) Years in pictures

    Three years ago tomorrow, I walked towards a coffee shop with a heart full of “what if?” — what if this didn’t work out? What if he wasn’t the one? What if I’d made the wrong decision? What if I should never have given him my phone number? I was terrified. Because while I knew and admired his family from afar, I had no idea what he was really like other than the pictures on his Facebook profile and a month-long conversation on Facebook full of talk about Lord of the Rings and writing and short films. I didn’t even know if I thought he was cute. He wouldn’t even…

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    When Love is Not a Dream

    When my husband and I kissed for the first time, it brought about the sole largest crisis of our relationship. In my case, anyway. Growing up in a more conservative family as a romantic, day-dreaming girl, I had always imagined and vowed that my first kiss would be on my wedding day. As a young woman who read many novels and watched many Austen/Bronte films, I imagined that kissing was a tender, wonderful, breathtaking thing. So, I thought, we would wait through however long it took to date and be engaged, and our first kiss would be incredibly special, a sign of our new life together, almost magical in its…

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    Photography: So, This is Love

    This is love. My wonderful parents-in-law, who have been married for 45 years, still act like newlyweds when I ask to take some mushy pictures of them. I hope that brightens your Monday! Bloglovin | Chictopia | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press | Tumblr

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