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    A Tale of Two Petticoats

        So back in April for my birthday, my husband and I took a surprise-to-me trip to Astoria, Oregon. While we were there, I decided on a whim at a vintage store that I just really, really needed a petticoat. But since I couldn’t decide on white or red, the woman running the shop (who owned it, I think!) offered me both petticoats for a discount that ended up being exactly the amount of birthday money I had left. I bought them both right then… and once I got home to try them on, was disappointed that they were shorter than expected, and WAY fluffier than expected, and didn’t work…

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    Maternity Style: Floral dress with a cutout back

    I have been working hard on my Etsy shop these days, and one of the things that I really miss about listing things on Etsy is styling the garments. Most of my Etsy finds are pretty average sizes, with the exception of the haul sent to me by a kind woman who wanted someone to get some use or money out of her things, so I’m usually able to style them for a photo or two. But being pregnant hinders that. I have been listing things like crazy, and there are so many garments I wish I could style not only because they would look SO much better on a…

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    Tropical print and freckles | Shaped by Style

    Happy Monday! Today I’m over on Shaped by Style talking about my tendency to buy maternity clothes when I’m not pregnant, and also giving up full-face makeup in preference of letting freckles see the sunlight. Enjoy! Bloglovin|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press|Etsy|Photography

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    Retro floral skirt, polka dots, and 1950’s makeup

    Any time I research anything like “1950’s style” or “1950’s makeup/hair looks”, I’m always overwhelmed and bored by how many people think that the equation for a 50’s look is just victory rolls + red lips + cat eye + fluffy skirt. And a lot of pearls. I’ve tried looking for authentic 1950’s makeup or hair tutorials in hopes that someone might stray from this standard, but to no avail. And I just want to shout “you guys, come ON. Have you ever even watched a movie from the fifties???” Sure, sometimes they wore red lipstick. Sometimes they did victory rolls. Sometimes they had fluffy skirts held out by petticoats.…

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    The Girl with Glasses

    I have had glasses since I was about eleven or twelve. I don’t remember the exact age, but I do remember the first night I went to our small town church’s youth group after picking up my new pair of spectacles, feeling nervous about the change, wondering if I would get dubbed the nerd or if anyone would even care. After being there for five minutes, the boy I had a crush on said he really liked my  new glasses, and it was set. I was pleased to be the girl with glasses. Of course, as I got older and we didn’t have the money to update my frames, I…