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    The Monster with the Scarf

    Well, this post will definitely be much longer than last week’s photo journal. I did two things this week that merited quite a few pictures: I hosted a bridal shower, and I spent a couple of days in Seattle with a friend of mine. And I make cake, had a piece, and got sick to my stomach. I really shouldn’t have sugar. It was good, though.   And in Seattle, my friend and I went to a store called Lush. I’m really sad that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, because it’s such a fun store. Oh well. (results of Lush.) Unfortunately, I didn’t get very many pictures of us-…

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  • Life

    Ummm… Breath Mints?

    Today was an adventure of sorts. Spent the day walking around Seattle with a friend, taking pictures at random stops. The above is yours truly sitting on a very narrow railing that I almost fell off of several times. But the picture is worth the difficulties of figuring out how to keep balance on the railing without falling over backwards while¬†appearing to be effortlessly perching there. The highlight of the day was our random sense of humor, laughing at things that we probably would not normally find hilarious, but since we both got less than five hours of sleep, everything was fun. We burst out laughing when we went into…

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