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    Sponsor Spotlight: Mess of a Dreamer Design

    ┬áToday I would love to introduce Mess of a Dreamer Design as one of my new sponsors. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because she kindly made and sent me these owl earrings, which are now some of my new favorites! I highly covet the lighthouse necklace, which you see above (or here), and those wolf earrings might be calling my name. I can’t wait to see what lovely things she comes up with next. As an added bonus, she and I share a name, which means you know she’s going to be awesome. So what are you waiting for? Head over and check out Mess of a Dreamer Design.…

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    Calling August Sponsors!

    It’s that time already! I’m finally getting into the swing of calling sponsors in time for the new months. If you would like to have your shop or blog added to the sidebar along with my other three wonderful sponsors, you can hop on over to this page for details and rates. And hurry! Come September, I will be raising my rates just a little for the fall. But let me assure you, it’s totally worth it. You’ll be getting a good amount of exposure; in the last week alone, Eccentric Owl has gained over 60 new followers, and averages 7-13 new followers a day. (That’s over 250 new followers…

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    Sponsor Spotlight

    I have been meaning to introduce my sponsors for a while, but since I’m new to the whole sponsorship thing, I keep forgetting. I hope to start introducing new sponsors at the beginning of each month… that is, if I remember. But on to the point! Here are my three current sponsors, who are all lovely! First up is my newest sponsor, Quotation Marks, who made that really awesome scarf that you know you all wanted (who doesn’t want a super-soft scarf with a nerdy quote on it?). You all should really hop over to that shop and order yourselves some pretty scarves with a quote of your choice on…