Sponsor Spotlight

I have been meaning to introduce my sponsors for a while, but since I’m new to the whole sponsorship thing, I keep forgetting. I hope to start introducing new sponsors at the beginning of each month… that is, if I remember. But on to the point! Here are my three current sponsors, who are all lovely!

First up is my newest sponsor, Quotation Marks, who made that really awesome scarf that you know you all wanted (who doesn’t want a super-soft scarf with a nerdy quote on it?). You all should really hop over to that shop and order yourselves some pretty scarves with a quote of your choice on it. You won’t be sorry. But first, reference this post, where you’ll find a super secret exclusive code for 15% off your purchase!

Second is Earthen Vessel, where you can read about Annie and her family as they have all sorts of adventures, from hiking at Staircase to killing zombie spiders. Annie has such a lovely blog, and I actually know her in real life. As a bonus, she also makes adorable baby things. Someday, if I ever have a baby girl, I may just have to buy these. So cute!

And last but not least is another friend of mine who happens to be a pretty darn good photographer, Matthew Bodaly. If you ever want to do a fashion shoot and you’re hanging around Seattle, Matthew is the guy to contact! Whether it’s a fashion show or personal photos, he’ll provide you with some pretty wonderful shots. Check out his portfolio and see for yourself!

And that’s it for now! If you are interested in sponsoring Eccentric Owl, you can hop over to my sponsor page for details, or email me at marabird@eccentricowl.com for any questions you might have.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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