Sunny side out.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how my style is now vs how I want it to be. If I had my way, I would look like this or this (Teika is probably my very top style inspiration!) every day; I have always loved that sort of modern interpretation of the 50’s, but I’ve never quite gotten it right. I think part of this is hair and makeup: I have a theory that how you are perceived and how you generally look in fashion has a lot to do with everything on your head. Being me, I have never liked to spend hours doing my hair or makeup, so I’ve always shied away from wearing eyeliners or radically changing my hair’s natural straightness.

But looking at the styles of bloggers I really adore, who generally have that sort of retro look, I noticed that they all tend to either do the classic 50’s cat-eye, or they’ve got that retro hairstyle. So I’ve experemented, and realized it only takes about 15 minutes to get my hair looking like it does now, and I can get retro makeup in ten or less. All it takes is knowing how to easily put on liquid eyeliner, because the rest of my makeup takes five minutes, tops.

So yesterday I decided to try out the whole retro look, and I have decided that this might just be my niche. Although looking at myself in cat-eye makeup makes me feel like I’m looking at a stranger or a doll, I want to look like this all summer long. Despite the fact that hair+makeup takes about 25 minutes. I think I could live with that. I feel like that’s a lot of time to spend getting ready in the morning, but I suppose compared to most of the women I hear of who take 1-2 hours… it’s not too bad. Right?

Besides, Mr. Owl thinks it’s hot. 😉 And that’s what matters, right?

Side note: I am one of those girls who will dress according to what her man likes. I find it sort of… funny when fashion bloggers say “My boyfriend/husband/partner doesn’t like this, but I don’t care!” or say something like “I dress for me and nobody else” because… what is wrong with caring? Mr Owl is not fond of maxi dresses, so I quit wearing them. Not because I feel like I have to do whatever he wants in regards to what I wear, but because he’s my boyfriend and I want him to find me attractive. Who doesn’t want their significant other to think they’re beautiful?

I guess most people– women, especially– feel like dressing for a significant other means that they’re using some sort of manipulative power over you.

But just look at it this way: if he/she thinks you look mighty fine today, you’re more likely to get what you want. 😉 (that was a semi-joke. But it’s also true.) And that means you’ve got the power. Right? 🙂

But in return, he doesn’t comb his hair straight or tuck it behind his ears, because I don’t find that attractive.

Please ignore the fact that my dress still needs a hook and eye and admire how well I altered it to have crossed straps. It took me a little while to fix the bulging that happened in the back due to the crossed straps… you know, cuz me and this dress had a falling out about zippers… but it’s fixed now and we’re back on good terms.

I want to wear this dress every day for forever. I love it that much. I really need to get back to working on the second dress I started, because I so need more cute sundresses like this! Especially  now that summer is here.

Isn’t this crab cute?

… it was dead. I’m sure you all needed to know that. But if you knew me, you’d know I don’t pick up live crabs because I am a total chicken.

{Self Made} Dress: $27
{Target}  Flats:   $5.98 | Earrings: unknown
{Thrifted} Belt: $0.99 | Scarf: $0.50
{Total}   $34.47

Back to the original subject: this summer, I am going to sort of work on getting more into the retro look that I love so much, as well as seasonalizing my closet (via fabric choices and colors), and see whether that makes it easier to dress the way I want to dress. As well, I was trying to think of five words to describe the way I want to look, to help when I’m choosing clothes to purchase, and they are: Retro, feminine, floral, red (yes, red), and lace.

What do you all think of the retro aesthetic? Would you wear it? What five words describe your dream look?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

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