Food Update: The Whole 30 Progress


So we are now on day 13 on our Whole 30 adventure, and so far I LOVE it. I have so much more energy, and I feel so much more free to eat without worrying about what the food is going to do to me body or my skin. It’s wonderful!


It’s amazing how much better you feel when you are properly nourishing your body. And as you can see, we eat pretty darn well. And we eat a lot more variety than we had before. The entirety of fruits and veggies and meats is open to us, and I’ve been picking out so much that I’d normally pass over.

It’s such a rewarding experience. I plan to eat this way for life, with the occasional allowances of the foods we don’t eat if they’re really worth it. (Hello, peanut butter cups).

This is just a quick update since I’m blogging from my phone, but so far, I love the paleo/whole30 way of eating. There’s so much freedom in it!
I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!