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This, my friends, is what our yard looks like right now. Isn’t it beautiful? And also, shameful?

Ha! My husband is incredibly allergic to grass, so he attempted to mow down the beast our yard has become but after a few rounds on the mower, he came inside with red eyes, a runny nose, and terrible reactions to the grassy pollen. I could hop on the mower and try, but it’s a sad little mower with one dull blade that cuts like a two-year-old self-trimming with blunt scissors, so… I’m going to wait and see if I can convince my mom to come over with her awesome mower and do it for me. (Yes. Because I’m pregnant and I can ask people to do these things for me now. Also, she likes mowing lawns. I think.)

4 Lately, as you might have predicted from yesterday’s post, I have discovered yet another wonderful thing about pregnancy: apparently your teeth get shot to heck when you’re pregnant. I didn’t know this; maybe it’s because I already have weak teeth, but oh my GOODNESS last weekend I had the worst toothache of my life. My mom and my friend both told me it’s probably another pregnancy thing.

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So, of course, I had to go to the dentist yesterday. I fully expected to have an emotional breakdown there, because that’s just… what I do. But for the very first time I can remember, this dentist put me at ease. I didn’t feel like he was judging my bad teeth, and I trusted that he wasn’t going to do anything painful to me. Which is saying a lot; I mean, ever since I was little and had 20+ cavities in my baby teeth, I have dreaded going to the dentist. (I punched one when I was five. That should say something.) I have aways had some sort of emotional nervous breakdown as soon as they tell me what they’ll have to do. I’ve never been able to just sit and relax.

But I actually laughed and smiled. I think it helped that he was younger (not that I have anything against older people, he just seemed closer to my age (ish) and more understanding), and that all of the dental assistants were fun and cheerful.


That, and everyone knows my in-laws there, and they all LOVE the Suko family, so they were asking how me and my husband met, how the family was, how my brother- and sister in-law in Ukraine are doing… that was lovely.

And everyone congratulated me on my pregnancy.

So, for the first time, even though I recieved bad news (root canal, as I said yesterday), I can finally say I liked the visit, and I like my dentist. It’s kind of a relief, really. We’ve been to a lot of dentists in my lifetime, and I can finally stop looking for that one that doesn’t scare me half to death! (Not that any of the dentists beforehand have been terrible or mean or anything like that! They’ve all been really nice and professional. I’m just terribly fearful of most people who have drills they need to put in my mouth.)


Anyway! I’m glad that out of the whole day yesterday, the thing I dreaded the most actually turned out to be pleasant enough, considering the circumstances!

121113 The photo shoot I was hoping to do for my new little photography venture got postponed, so for now I suppose I will focus on the 30-day self-portrait challenge, and this weekend’s upcoming project: the 72 hour film festival that my husband is doing. He has to make a 5 minute film in 72 hours, and can’t do anything but gather actors and scout locations until they give him the 4 requirements that will have to show up in the film (a prop, action, dialogue, and… something else…)

It’s SO hard not to come up with ideas while we wait, but whatever happens it’ll be fun! We did it last year and had to unexpectedly act ourselves (and I didn’t share the film with you all because I am NOT a good actress, believe me!) instead of being behind the camera, so that was… fun. But this year we’ve already gotten a few people involved to be our actors, so hopefully it all works out! I’ll be doing the makeup and costumes. I can’t wait to get started!!!

And, if it turns out well, I’ll be able to show you all the end result in October after they show all of the 5 minute films at the festival.But I’ll try to take some pictures if I can, to show you some sneaky previews 😉


Vintage: Dress
Thrifted: Heels, belt
Forever 21: Earrings

I noticed lately that I’ve started to gravitate heavily towards vintage and retro looks, now that I’m baby bumping. It’s funny, I feel like I’ve finally settled into a style; I know what I like, I know what fits, and most importantly… I know how to dress (now, anyway) my ever-growing belly comfortably while still looking pretty. I rather like the way becoming a mommy-to-be has started to affect my style!

Also, dresses are way more comfortable, and none of my skirts fit any more. So there’s that.

I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!


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