And I only cried once!

Today has not been my day.

I’d like to pause the regular posting of outfits and happiness to just let you all know: bloggers have bad days, too! To wit:
I threw up this morning.
I almost got hit on the way to work.
I felt like throwing up the entire time I was AT work.
A rock hit my windshield and chipped it on the way from work.
I went to the dentist.
I need a root canal.

I tend to post happy things on my blog because… well, it’s a joy to blog, and I am generally a happy person. But today has royally sucked, and I’m not afraid to say so. So I thought I’d share some things that make me smile, just in case anyone else out there is having a bad day too.

1. Pomplamoose. Anything Pomplamoose. But this song, in particular:

… and this:

2. Garfield. Always.

3. This dress from Modcloth. I NEED it. Yes. That bad.

4. Cat Heaven. (Can I please, please, PLEASE go there?)

5. Owls. Duh.

And, obviously, this:

Your turn. What makes you smile today?

I hope you are all having a MUCH better Wednesday than I am! At least I can now go back to bed, snuggle with my husband, and eat pizza.



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  • Melissa McBride

    Oh no!! 🙁 So sorry to hear this Kristina. It’s amazing the difference a day can make- tomorrow will be better! Hang in there.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thanks Melissa! I’m sure tomorrow will be MUCH better. And today has helped me take a step towards conquering my fear of dentists, so that’s a good thing!

  • Julie

    pictures of my girls smiling faces tend to make me happy. The sound of their giggles as well. Also running – I’m not fast but I always feel great after. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  • October

    Aw, sorry today was blah. Thank for sharing, though. This is a very timely post for me – I had a lumpectomy today and now I’m recovering in my bed. The Garfield made me smile – when I was kid and had to spend the night away from home, my mom would let me buy a new Garfield book. It make everything okay! Things haven’t change much. Today, I read Calvin and Hobbes for comfort.

    I do hope your nausea gets better and your root canal goes well.

  • Salazar

    Oh man, I’m so sorry. About the root canal, most of all. But hey, after you come back to the dentist for the 4th or 5th time, it’s not scary anymore!

  • Maria

    hope tomorrow is a new day for you <3 smile…and always remember to watch the cat that plays the piano on youtube for a good laugh!

  • mariecarolk

    Booo messed up days suck so bad. Usually I spend bad days switching between snapping at people, being really emotional mentally, and crying in the bathroom. LOL! Sometimes it’s really hard to be human.

    I was thinking of sending you a picture of Picco and I being weird, but it’s so creepy it might actually make the day worse 😉 It can only get better though from here on out!


    • Eccentric Owl

      I know! It’s crazy, because the dentist visit actually happened to be the nicest part of the day (Never thought I’d say that!). Sometimes, it is DEFINITELY hard to be human!

      DO IT!! 😀 You have no idea how weird Mr. Owl and I are behind the scenes. Seriously. We’ve got some really odd pictures doing really weird things. Haha!

  • kelsey bang

    sorry it was a ruff day! no fun! i hate those kind of days that seem to just keep getting worse! way to go at looking for the positive and finding fun things to be happy about!