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Oh Baby…

5 Well, we know what the baby is! If you’re an Instagrammer, you already know the gender since I’m terrible at keeping secrets and I’ve already revealed it there. But if you’re not, then surprise!

The tally is: 27 for a Boy, 26 for a Girl, so far as I can count via Facebook, blog, and Instagram (before I revealed it). Just within the family, the vote was 14 for a boy and 12 for a girl. I love how close it was with the guesses! Hehe, but, of course, someone always loses.


12 Surprise! Mr. Owl and I both were thinking it was a girl for the longest time, more probably out of wishing than actual facts (I mean, let’s face it: there are five boys in his family and three in mine. Statistically, we were bound to have a boy!) but as soon as we found out, we were both SO excited. He’s a very healthy little man, and is not measuring three weeks larger like the midwife had originally thought (which is a HUGE relief to me! I didn’t want a December baby; too many birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries already!). He’s maybe 4 days bigger than the 20 weeks that I am, so it’s nothing to change my due date.

I have wanted a boy first since I was probably ten; partly because the first child usually looks like the father, and also because I always thought it was best to have a boy as the eldest, who could protect his younger siblings and be the guardian and leader of the troupe. It could just be that I grew up with three big brothers and LOVED it, but yes. I’ve always, always wanted a boy first. So excited!

Cake To tell the family, I made this cake (idea found on Pinterest somewhere). It was both fun to make AND fun to eat. Oh man, you all should try baking a cake with those little York candy bites in it. Best. Cake. Ever. It was super fun having a full house of people over, coffee, cake, and just seeing what everyone was voting! My mom was the most surprised, I think, because she knew that I wanted a girl and judged from my happy reaction that it probably WAS a girl… and was totally wrong. Haha!

3 But yes. We’re happy! I’m also really excited to have a boy because it seems like the whole blogosphere of pregnant women lately have been having girls, and I just like to be different. But that’s just me!

2 I have been feeling him move SO much lately; he loves noise a ton, and Cheetos, and watermelon, peaches, and spaghetti. It’s just indescribable to feel all of the kicks and pressure as he squirms and stretches and exercises every day. Being pregnant is amazing. Totally worth it despite having to go through a few weeks of morning sickness!

10 11 13 So, since we had a party yesterday to tell everyone the gender of the baby, I went on a huge cleaning rampage which brought forth all of the critters from their extremely dirty corners– namely, spiders. I discovered that spiders cannot survive a vigorous spray from Scrubbing Bubbles, and consequently I killed three in the bathroom and about five in other parts of the house. (small ones, mostly.)

This morning, I came downstairs in the best mood ever… to find the spider from the underworld sitting darkly on the wall, no doubt waiting to exact his revenge on me for the lives of his kin that I had taken the day before.

And, like the brave expecting mother that I am, I made coffee, took a deep breath, and ran as fast as I could back up the stairs to text my mom that she’d better hurry on her way over so she could kill it for me. I usually can kill spiders, but this one. He was so big I was actually shaking and my heart was racing from the adrenaline of escaping his clutches.

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I know it’s ridiculous to be that afraid of a spider, but here’s the thing: it was up on the wall above my head– which meant if I tried to kill it and missed, it could very well have dropped onto my person–, we DO have some poisonous spiders in the area, and… oh, let’s face it. It was big, hairy, and just plain monstrous. I admit: I will not be one of those mothers who kills large spiders for her children. They’re going to have to learn how to do that themselves.

I know. It’s so loving of me.

In other news: I am immensely enjoying not having to go to the office every day, although I do miss working with my co-workers. The house is going to be so clean by the end of the week! And organized. And I actually feel like cooking again! It’s the best.

How are you all doing this week? Tell me something exciting!

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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