1970’s Disco Disney Princess

Bird 4 Yesterday, I told myself I was going to have a chill day. I wasn’t going to put on makeup, I wasn’t going to do my hair, I wasn’t going to wear anything but yoga pants. Just relax, hang out, and maybe get some housework done for once. But my brain had other ideas. My brain said “yes but you have THAT dress and THIS wig, and you need to be a 1970’s Disney Disco Princess.”

So here we are. Would I wear this outfit practically? No. Mainly because I’m breastfeeding and I don’t think I can wear this and breastfeed. But sometimes, it’s fun to just dress up and play. I haven’t done a conceptual photoshoot in a long time – and mind you, this isn’t anywhere NEAR my best work. The full body shots are all slightly out of focus because my stupid self didn’t check before I barged on with taking them. And the background? Could be better.

But I don’t really care.

Bird 2 Dress, Vintage (similar XS, similar L, similar M) | Wig, Amazon (I was really impressed with it!) | Hair flowers, thrifted

Disco Princess Collageedits-33 I’m really glad I listened to my brain, though. It’s been a hot minute since I did a more creative photoshoot. Sure, regular outfit of the day photoshoots still require creativity but they’re a different kind of creativity. And now that I’ve done this, I really want to do more. I’ve gotten lost down the rabbit hole of angel-sleeve dresses on Etsy and I’m just drooling over all the pretty things. Not that I need to actually buy anything – my wardrobe is expansive as-is, and I’m working to actually minimize what I own.

I have noticed that my style tends to lean more towards the 70’s in the fall, and as you can see our trees are leaping toward fall colors already even though it’s still very much summer weather here. Well, the afternoons are summery. The mornings have been foggy and I’m itching to break out all of my fall wardrobe. I miss plaids, and wool, and being cozy and warm!

edits-22Bird 1Bird 5 This year I am becoming extra millitant about what I keep in my wardrobe. I’ve come to realize that some items I’ve held on to for actual years because “what if” are just never going to work out. So, I made myself try on every single dress in my summer wardrobe. If it was far too small, off it went. I am currently losing weight post baby, but I don’t really need to hold on to dresses with a waist four inches too small for me as is. I haven’t been a thirty inch waist in something like four years now, and I think it’s about time to stop thinking “what if?”.

It felt relieving to purge things from my wardrobe. Both for my sanity – digging through the closet sucks, if I’m honest, and I hate how hard it is to shove things aside in search of a dress – and for my body image. I am at peace with my body right now, but holding on to dresses that won’t fit still doesn’t help.
edits-42edits-48edits-16 My fall wardrobe is next in the militant “getting rid of” stage, so that’s what I’ll be doing today. And in the words of my husband, who was trying to encourage me to get rid of stuff: “you can’t buy new things if you don’t sell the old ones”. I am pretty sure what he’s saying is that I should go buy some new dresses, right? So, like, I may or may not just buy a few dream dresses from Miss Candyfloss’s Fall line. Because YES.

1970s Disco Disney Princess

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