Okay, seriously. Is this cat not the most gorgeous and enormous cat ever? I love him.

He sits on your lap and it’s just like *squish*. You’d think most of the bulk would be his fur, but no. It’s fat. He’s fat. He’s at least three times as heavy as my cat, five times as furry, and much, much more cuddly. I absolutely adore him. I wish we’d been able to keep him.

He’s also the dumbest cat we’ve ever given away. And I’m not saying that in a degrading way; he’s so cute, so clueless, so lazy… he’s really the perfect cat. We called him Donut Hole when he was a kitten because he was one hole short of a donut. He’d run into things while staring at them, fall asleep with his face in a shoe, and get completely confused when the string started moving away. His sister, incidentally, was black, energetic enough for five kittens, and we named her Coffee.

I miss having kittens everywhere…