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    I feel like a Technicolor cowgirl. Y’all.

    Details: Top ($4) and skirt($5), thrifted; Shoes(under $10), Target; Belt and jewelry, gift/inherited. Approximate outfit cost: $19   Seriously. I am so colorful today. And… sort of… southern ish. I think it’s the belt. Also, if I had worn a belt around my hips like this a few months ago, I’d have been extremely self-conscious. But today? well, it’s the first time I’ve ever worn something at my hips and NOT felt chubby and smooshy and fat. I don’t know if you even care, but it’s nice to not feel like the belt is drawing attention to ginormous hips. This belt belonged to my grandpa. I snagged it recently when mom…

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    I couldn’t think of a good title. So I made faces instead.

    It is a beautiful day out today! The sun is glorious and warm, there are flowers blooming, and I could go sit outside all day. And get very sunburnt. But as it so happens, I’m feeling inspired to write today, so no sitting outside. Plus, I’d rather not get a sunburn– or a tan, for that matter. So instead of a fashion post or something random and written, here are a few pictures of the day. Taken, of course, by yours truly. (Which is me. I mean, who else in your world could possibly be yours truly?) Look at the little mushroom I found! He’s so teeny and adorable! I’m…

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    My closet is cooler than yours.

    So! Better pictures of my new closet. Be jealous at how amazing it is. I love that there is a spot for everything. Shoes, jewelry, clothes, laundry hamper… even the cat’s litter box (she lives in my room. And I have to admit, that may be one of my favorite parts. It’s much easier to access and clean now. Before, it was back in a corner and  blocked by a little side table.) (picture-heavy post. Click through to see more.)

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    A look into the past

    I’ve been scrolling through tons of pictures from three or four years ago and going down memory lane. I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorites. All taken by yours truly. Bullet, the beautiful and loving outside cat… who inspired this poem. An accidental photo… that I think is actually quite nice. This was in 2008. The year of amazing snow. This…  I think was on our way  home from… New Mexico? I miss the windmill. My brother… the… model? Hmmm. Well, that’s it for now! I’m off to work. Bleh. Mara Outfit:

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    Books, skulls, and cats.

    You know, Wednesday should be Writing day. Because… y’know. WW. And then it could be Wednesday’s Weekly Writing Challenge. WWWC. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Okay. Nevermind. Not to bring a bit of depression to this ramble, but it has been exactly one week and a day since my nephew’s stillbirth.  I really don’t know what else to call that day- it wasn’t exactly the day of his birth OR his death. But it feels like it’s been forever since December 28th, and I don’t know if this has to do with the high emotions of the day or that it’s already a new year. It does help…

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