I’ll Call You Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy Benton

Dear Baby Benton,

Today, I found out that you are a boy. And the only reason I didn’t scream and jump up and down  like a maniac is that I had just woken up and it hadn’t really hit me yet. But now I’m so excited that I could cry. (I cry a lot. You’ll get used to it.)

I’ve been waiting for you for four years. Every time I heard that your  mommy was pregnant again, I hoped that she’d be having a boy. Don’t get me wrong, I love your sisters a lot, but I really wanted my oldest  brother to have a boy first. I have a special place in my heart  for nephews.

Don’t tell your cousin this, but I’m more excited for you to be born than I was for him. Maybe because I’ve been waiting longer for you. Maybe because you’ll live a whole lot closer to me than  he does. Or maybe because I know that they’re thinking of naming you Benton, and I will have a lot of fun alliterating my sentences when I talk to you. I’ll be the annoying aunt who gives you too many kisses when I see you.

I can’t wait for you to be born! You’re so blessed  to have the family that you do. Your daddy is going to teach you everything about baseball, and your mommy is going to make you laugh. You’ll probably get a kick out of messing with Olivia’s slightly OCD tendencies, you and Elise will probably get into a lot of trouble together, and you and Lucy will have a lot of laughs. Your sisters are kind of crazy, and they might dress you up in girl clothes, but you’ll like them. When your mommy told your oldest sister that you were a boy, she said “Oh, I’ve been praying and praying for that!”

I’ll  always be around if you want someone to play in the dirt with you when you’re bigger, and vroom the Tonka trucks, and climb trees with you. I’ll help you build forts in the woods, and I’ll help you make blanket forts in the livingroom when it’s rainy out. And whenever you come over to my house, I hope you’ll also want to sit in my lap and read books, like your sisters do.

So, my darling unborn nephew, I hope you know how much I love you. I’m going to smother you with kisses and hugs and lots of love. Someday you’ll probably roll your eyes or  be embarrassed that your crazy aunt hugs you so much. You’re going to have to get over it. 😉

If you’re born on Christmas, it’ll be the best present I’ve ever had.

Love and kisses,

Your Favorite Aunt. 😉