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This is My Story, and I’m Sticking To It.

I thought I should write y’all a short update on life right now, if you care enough to wonder why I haven’t updated Fiction Press or written any blogs for a week and a half.

I got back from New Mexico, where the weather hated me and I got heat exhaustion not once, but three times. While I was there, I visited Old Town Albuquerque, went to a lot of thrift stores (Albuquerque has the best ones!), got my nails done, and spent a lot of time prostrate on the bathroom floor hoping not to puke.

new-mexico-011 The Cute Little Fox

new-mexico-012 Albuquerque Airport

new-mexico-032 I will never, ever do this again. For any reason. EVER. (Mine are the rounded ones.)

007 The awesome and amazing dress I found at the thrift store. That I love.

Oh, I also found out that I can’t sit by the window on planes, and I have to shut my eyes when it takes off and lands… or I get sick.

It was fun.

Once I arrived home, I went immediately to house-sit for some lovely people who own a dog and have a nearly all-carpeted house. I also found out that dogs do not have to be present in the room for my body to react to them. Also, when there are lots of carpets in the house to hold dog-dander, I can’t breathe at night. And I get hives. It’s pretty cool.

After this  wonderful and amazing discovery, I realized that since I couldn’t live with dogs, I can’t live at home. My brother has a very, very, VERY dander-y dog. I react so badly to her that my breathing acts up as soon as I walk into the house. (That isn’t an exaggeration, sadly.) So I spent one night at my brother and sister-in-law’s, went to a wedding to do the hair and makeup, and then moved in with my grandma and her very noisy birds. (I may end up eating the parakeet for breakfast one day)

I miss my cat.

I don’t have wireless internet here, thus… unless I steal grandma’s chord and hook it to my computer (as I’m doing now) I can’t update my stories.

But you know, I’m not complaining. I have a place to live, I’m getting to know my grandma better, and I got to play with my cousins, who are a lot of fun. (Because of them, I’ve decided I definitely want my kids to be boys.)

And now I’m off to go see Despicable Me and The Last Airbender at the drive-in with my brother. (Also, The Expendables= awesomest action movie EVER!)

Also, I have finally  been hired back at one of my old jobs (Hallmark). While it’s not exactly the job I desired, it is a good place to work and I’m happy to finally be working again. Work means a semi-steady income, which means money to save, which means eventually I’ll  have enough to pay for a plane ticket to go to Ireland for a vacation sometime next year or in 2012.

So life is pretty okay right now, despite what it’s trying to throw at me.

I love Washington.

Oh yeah, I dyed my hair red. Ish. Which you can sort of see in this picture.