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    Sunday Sweets

    Just a few little snaps of Asa and his second-cousin Abigail on a sunny afternoon. Aren’t they the cutest? I think they look like little tiny chubby old people. Happy Sunday! Bloglovin | Chictopia | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press  

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    Dear New Moms: It’s Okay

    Your baby is screaming for no reason, you’re tired, you want a break (or to break something), and you’re doing your best to deal. But it’s not fun. And it’s okay. It’s okay not to enjoy the bad days. It’s okay to wish for a different day, any day, to come and take over the crapload that is this day. It’s okay to cry about it. It’s okay to give in and feed the baby early even if it’s not on schedule. It’s okay to let them cry. It’s okay to hand them over to someone else and leave the room for some sanity. It’s okay to need some quiet.…

  • Pregnancy

    Pregnancy: wonderful, terrible, and just plain weird

    Let me just put this out there right now: the following facts might be TMI if you are detail-sensitive or a man (especially a related-to-me one). So I apologize. But I wanted to write about a few things for my fellow first-time pregnant women who might have discovered weird things about their bodies during pregnancy, are too shy to ask around, and don’t want to resort to Google for answers. Because while pregnancy is an amazing thing, it is probably the weirdest change to ever come over your body. For one, nobody tells you that your chest might start leaking before you even have the baby. So when you’re 5-6 moths…

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    Dedicated to my second nephew, Benton, who was stillborn this morning, three days before his due date. And for my brother and his wife as they mourn for their fourth child and first son. Bliss. The most beautiful light he has ever seen, shining around him, filling him with warmth until there are no shadows. He floats into awareness and knows that he is before the most powerful being in the universe. He is unfettered by the weights of the world. He is enveloped by a love purer than any he would ever have known. He cannot remember how he came to be, nor where he had come from. Thoughts…

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    Is this hello, or goodbye?

    My dearest Baby Benton, I am writing you this morning and I don’t know whether you will ever live to read my letter. I was woken up just after 6:30am by your grandpa. You aren’t born yet. They can’t find your heartbeat. My love, I don’t know what to say. I am praying and begging God to leave you with us for a while, because we all love you so much. It’s going to be hard for us to live on if you go to heaven first. We’re all selfish here, and we want you to live with us for a few years before going to God. I have a…