• aekubo

    You look gorgeous! In my opinion, I think white healthy skin is better than be tanned and having skin cancer. Please promise me to never ever go into a tanning salon >..<

    • Mara

      Goodness, I’d never go to the tanning salon! I don’t mind being pale, actually. I’d love to get that gorgeous creamy complexion of the Victorian times. 😀 I’m halfway there. 😉

      Thank you. 😀

      • Bethly

        I’m with you there!! Victorian pale > beach tan!! 😀 I got a little tan from my Europe travels and got really upset when I saw a picture of my slightly tanned complexion. It was a sad time for me.

        • Mara

          Hehe, yeah. I don’t mind being tanned- for one it makes me look less red in the face (baha, blemishes+naturally pink cheeks= blech right now)-, but I think pale is a better look for me since… when I have a tan, I’m pretty much all one color- brown hair, tanned skin, eyes that don’t stand out. When I’m pale, it makes me eyes and hair pop a little more. Plus then there are no tan lines. And… I like being different from everyone else. And tan skin just isn’t as admirable, really…

  • Emily

    Hahahaha, part of being a redhead is having really no choice.. its either red or white in the summer. Red for sunburn, white for staying inside as much as possible, and not getting in the sun. Of course in the winter there’s really no choice. So.. never really minded being pale as well 😀 Victorian time pale is awesome! So creamy and smooth.. You look well on your way to achieving Victorian skin perfection 😉 😛
    I forgot to say, you look gorgeous in that dress. The contrast.. oh la la 😉

    • Mara

      Hehe, yeah. I’ve always admired redheaded peoples’ skin. All the redheads I know have such pretty pale skin and then such lovely freckles. (I love freckles, for some reason…) I always cringe when I hear a redhead saying she’s going to tan in the summer… it’s like… why? Ah well.

      Right now I’m fighting off breakouts brought on by my eating sugar (I’m allergic, and I get immediate breakouts after consuming)… so once I’ve given up sugar for good, I think my skin will clear up. Now that I’ve finally made it a habit to wash my face every night. 😀 (I am such a horrible person. So bad about cleansing consistently!) But you can’t see that in the pictures, thankfully, because the camera apparently loves the lighting brought on by the snow!

      Thank you. I looooove the contrast of the red against the white! It’s so… fairytale!