Friday’s Fashions

I’ve been a terrible poster this week. I haven’t done anything on schedule except for the Weekly Writing Challenge on Monday.

Not that I feel bad about that. It’s my blog, and I’ll write what I want to write. So there. 😉 (Really, though, I’m sorry. I’ve been very disorderly of late.)

So today is going to be my fashion post day, because I can’t think of anything else to write. I’ve been boring lately, too. Gosh. I need to go on more adventures or get married or… start stalking someone.

Hmm. That last idea may not be a good one.


On to this week’s outfits:

And today:

I’m not really that fond of today’s outfit. It feels very plain. Which would be why I’m not actually wearing it any more.

And as a bonus, this is what I’m wearing right now and will be wearing tomorrow:

Taking a break from the Alphabet of Color as I’ll be spending the night at my friend’s house for her birthday. We’re going to eat sugar-free (amazing, yummy, and delicious) cupcakes– which I made, and which are blue:

I was going to use my artistic talents to make them Doctor Who cupcakes, as my friend and I are both ardent lovers of Doctor Who, but then I got lazy and just made them blue instead. (It’s her favorite color.) They’re not as pretty as the last cupcakes I made. But they taste better.

I’m really looking forward to eating those. And to watching Jane Eyre– the Toby Stephens version, who is the most PERFECT (and also amazing, yummy, and delicious) Mr. Rochester ever.

And speaking of Mr. Rochester, I drew him. Out of boredom.

Hmm. It looks better in person. I guess that’s what I get, though, for a thirty-minute sketch.

And now he gets to be taped to my wall to forever stare at… whatever it is he’s glaring at. I do rather like him. Even though he’s not perfect.

So, my dears, I am off.

And I recently realized that I’ve started to have an affinity for calling people “my dear,” but only when typing. Must be the influence of all the period films I’ve been watching.

Have a wonderful weekend!